NGS Clean-up with CleanNA

Same or better bead performance compared to best in test
Pricing around 50% lower versus largest supplier

"At DNASense we have shifted our NGS clean up to CleanNA beads, in our comparison tests they are performing as good as or better than other leading NGS Clean-up beads"

Mads Albertsen, Professor applied Bioinformatics, Aalborg University, Founding CEO DNASense

Loop presentation

Watch the presentation from Loop Genomics’ satellite presentation at ESHG 2019 by Indira Wu, Loop’s Director of Molecular Biology.

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DDN awards Leymus Genomics prestigious prize

Berlin the 11th of April 2019: We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration on installing the best data storage at scale for genomics, life sciences, and AI.

Leymus Genomics works on creating value for genomic sites that need data storage, with highly reliable performance as well as the best priced data storage as demonstrated recently at the data storage project at SciLifeLab Clinical Genomics Stockholm.


New partnership with CleanNA

Leymus Genomics is happy to announce that we have a new partnership with CleanNA, a reagent manufacturer from the Netherlands providing customers with high quality magnetic bead based nucleic acid isolations and automation solutions.

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Data storage and machine learning in the genomics era

Rasmus Brøndum is an invited speaker at the annual Big Data and AI event in Copenhagen on the 19th of November, hosted by Dansk Erhverv and IT Branchen.

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SciLife Clinical Genomics Stockholm lab acquires 1.1 Petabyte data storage from Leymus Genomics & DDN

Leymus Genomics in partnership with DDN are now installing The GS7K Data storage platform with 1 Petabyte data storage for the SciLife Clinical Genomics Stockholm lab.

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Bioscience 2019: Rasmus Brøndum is an invited speaker on big data storage in genomics at Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet

Rasmus Brøndum from Leymus Genomics has been invited as a speaker at Bioscience 2019 in Sweden at the Karolinska Institute on the 7th of November. He will be discussing the future of large data storage in the genomics era.

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Leymus Genomics to present at DMS2019 in Copenhagen

Rasmus Brøndum from Leymus Genomics will be holding a presentation about the applications of LoopSeq at the Danish Microbiological Society 2019 conference in Copenhagen on the 11th of November.

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LoopSeq seminar in Oslo October 10th by Leymus Genomics

Join us at Ullevål University Hospital on the 10th of October for a seminar on the LoopSeq kits by Leymus Genomics' founder, Rasmus Brøndum.

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