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We accelerate your data processing from storage to data analysis.

Synthetic long read NGS library prep. kits.

For hWGS and microbial labs and much more

  • Large scale data storage for NovaSeq and HiSeq X sites with DDN
  • Fast GPU processors for GATK and AI
  • 36x faster GATK analysis with Parabricks
  • Data analysis and AI with our data scientists
  • Synthetic long reads for better microbial identification and profiling

Products & Services


Local large scale data storage solutions

For HiSeq X and NovaSeq sites. +250 PB storage

Leymus Genomics went live at ESHG 2017

Thank you for all the interesting discussions at ESHG. Pictures from Leymus at ESHG , International High Performance Computing in Frankfurt and DSKB 2017 ( Danish Society for Clinical Biochemistry ). We learned that several of our solutions around the NGS workflow – e.g. DDN Data storage and BioDynami NGS library prep – are faster and more simple than existing solutions. We look forward to seeing you in your lab.


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