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Synthetic long-read NGS library preparation kits

  • Loop Genomics: Synthetic long-read NGS kit
  • Easy and affordable compared to other long-read technologies
  • Uses your existing Illumina sequencer – no extra instruments
  • Multiplex single-tube workflow
  • Consensus error correction – error rates reduced 40x vs short reads
  • Full isoform mapping for transcriptome research
  • True quantitative results due to transcript counting using UMIs and full-length reads
  • Better resolution on species and strain level for microbiome research

Loop Genomics' Indira Wu had a fantastic presentation at ESHG 2019 about LoopSeq: synthetic long-read sequencing and its applications

Please see the below video for the recording from Loop Genomics’ satellite presentation at ESHG 2019 by Indira Wu, Loop’s Director of Molecular Biology.

Berlin the 11th of April 2019 - DDN awards Leymus Genomics the prestigious partnership prize

We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration on installing the best data storage at scale for genomics, life sciences, and AI.

Leymus Genomics works on creating value for genomic sites that need data storage, with highly reliable performance as well as the best priced data storage as demonstrated recently at the data storage project at SciLifeLab Clinical Genomics Stockholm.


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Loop Genomics: Long-read data on short-read Illumina sequencers

Suitable for MiSeq, NovaSeq, HiSeq, and NovaSeq


Local large scale data storage solutions

For HiSeq X and NovaSeq sites. +250 PB storage

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