CleanNA develops and produces magnetic bead-based nucleic acid isolation and automation technology for use in:

  • NGS sequencing
  • Sanger sequencing
  • DNA/RNA purification
  • Magnetic separation

Magnetic beads are very useful in the laboratory. They have a high binding capacity and sensitivity, can be incorporated in automation processes, and allows for high-throughput processing without needing centrifugation.

CleanNA’s beads have a polystyrene core that keeps the beads afloat and in suspension for longer, magnetic layers, and customisable polymer coatings depending on the kit. Having a negatively charged surface eliminates the need for chaotropic salts, and the uniform bead size allows for fast and accurate size separation of bound material.


CleanNA was initiated in 2010 within GC biotech, a distributor of laboratory equipment and reagents with a focus on providing automation solutions. Based on years of experience with the sales, automation and support of magnetic beads based solutions their scientists developed their own proprietary product line that fulfils the need for an affordable nucleic acid purification. As of 2019 CleanNA was spun-off into a separate entity within the Double Helix Group. Nowadays, with this background combined with the feedback from the market and extensive scientific knowledge they aim to be at the forefront of innovative solutions for niche markets that are involved in the isolation of nucleic acids from unique samples that provide specific challenges.

CleanNA works on the basis of a strict quality assurance for a constant output of high-quality products by controlling and standardizing our production processes. They regularly audit the suppliers of their raw materials and subject their products to rigorous quality controls to ensure a stable output. These processes are controlled by their quality officer and is warranted by their ISO 9001:2015 certification.