Leveraging your existing sequencing infrastructure, Loop Genomics improves the accuracy of 16S sequencing with our LoopSeqTM Complete and LoopSeqTM Select products.

With LoopSeq Complete and LoopSeq Select you get:

Enhanced performance

  • „More comprehensive species identification „
  • More accurate species classification
  • More accurate relative species abundance

A cost-effective solution

  • „Uses your existing short-read sequencing infrastructure „
  • Requires no additional hardware
  • Saves time and labor with a simple, streamlined workflow

Powerful technology

  • „  Converts your existing short-read sequencer into a long-read, single-molecule counting instrument
  • „  Smartly implements synthetic long-read approach
  • „  Increases sequencing accuracy (error rate <0.005%)


Discounted test kit

Available on request, or alternatively test as a send out of your samples.

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