Large test of employees at DHL for Coronavirus

Success in testing 400 employees at DHL for Coronavirus

Coronavirus/COVID-19 testing in organizations or in connection with events in Denmark can ensure that everyone can come to work in the future or that a safe workplace is restored. The purpose of the testing can be preventive or it can be used to identify any employees of a company that had contracted the Coronavirus. We are pleased in Leymus Genomics that we had helped organizations in Denmark to restore a safe workplace and ensure that the coronavirus is not established widely in Danish society. We have most recently tested 400 employees at DHL for Coronavirus. From our partners in Germany and the health authorities, we know that in transport companies, slaughterhouses, production lines, service companies and nursing homes there is a particularly high risk of infection. In nursing homes, in addition, we have the most vulnerable social group and therefore a special responsibility to take care. Do you suspect infection or do a preventive corona test. already established by a number of leading companies, we and our affiliated nursing team are available.


Copenhagen 11/8-2020
Rasmus Brøndum
CEO, Leymus Genomics

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"Here at DHL we put Safety First! Therefore and as a proactive measure, during the Corona epidemic, we chose to have all employees at DHL Aviation in Copenhagen Airport screened for COVID-19. The reason was that we wanted to ensure that our Hub continues to provide a safe working environment for everyone and we want to protect our customers too. We chose Leymus Genomics as the Coronavirus screening test provider and they have lived up to our expectations with high-quality screening, knowledge, dedication and flexibility in screening our employees.  All in all, it took less than 12 hours from the initial contact until the first tests were performed. We highly recommend Leymus Genomics to other companies."