SciLife Clinical Genomics Stockholm lab acquires 1.1 Petabyte data storage from Leymus Genomics & DDN

Leymus Genomics, in partnership with DDN, are now installing the DDN GS7K Data storage platform with 1 petabyte data storage for the SciLifeLab Clinical Genomics Stockholm lab.

As the NovaSeq and HiSeq X systems are becoming the new standard in leading genomics centers in the Nordic, so is the data output. An Illumina NovaSeq 6000 generates approximately 6 terabases in a full S4 two flowcell run over two days. This equates to very roughly 3 terabytes of data per day, or 1.1 petabyte per year. For the Nordic clinical lab, local storage sites for their NGS output is mostly the preferred option to ensure compliance and faster I/O i.e. access to and generation of data.