Safe Corona testing in your company.

Corporate solution for testing employees for COVID-19 (Corona). If all employees are tested, the infection rate can be kept below 1%.

  • PCR with response after 3 hours or 15 min. quickest
  • Science based testing company, certified test services also before COVID-19
  • Coronapas on sms, mail and SUNDHED.DK
  • Also possibility for Self Test training. We set up IT and train so you can test yourself
  • Choose from 15 min. quick test or hospital standard PCR test
  • Performed by molecular biologists and nurses
  • Overview to the company on the number of tested
  • We come out preventively or acute 24/7
  • Recommended by leading companies

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    COVID-19 on-site testing

    Leymus Genomics provide COVID-19 testing with the aim of stopping and limiting infection at Danish workplaces. We are all molecular biologists, nurses or doctors and are probably the only test provider who are in daily dialogue with leading professors in virology from SSI Denmark.

    We are not committed to specific technologies or companies. We use the diagnostic methods recommended internationally by the WHO and others.

    We are price conscious and never compromise on the quality of the tests and have a strong professional staff.

    The Fehmarnbelt Link - Europe's Largest Construction Site

    • Tested throughout 2021
    • Less than 1% infection
    • 2 tests a week
    • PCR + Quick Test

    Leymus Genomics tests Europe's largest building site and has done so throughout 2021

    Covid-19 Total Solution

    Leymus Genomics offers tests for Covid-19 (Corona) that ensure the highest level of safety throughout the process

    • "on-site" test where it suits you best
    • Healthcare professionals ensure correct and safe sampling
    • In positive tests, follow-up PCR tests are performed immediately
    • 24/7 support for both advice and information
    • Rapid infection detection ensures minimal infection

    Contact us for a non-binding offer tailored to your company (min. 50 people)

    PCR + Quick Test

    We specialise in offering both PCR and rapid testing "on-site" - simultaneously. This is of great importance for rapid infection detection and is also a great help in companies where employees travel a lot.

    • Quick test ensures quick response and minimal spread
    • PCR testing ensures quality and early infection detection

    Leymus Genomics COVID-19 service

    Safe workplace

    Full overview of tested & 100% GDPR compliant

    3 hours PCR & 15 min. quickest

    Coronapas on