Claremont bio


Claremont Biosolutions has developed a family of proprietary products for the ultra-solid mechanical lysis of cells, the extraction and purification of genomic DNA, and the cost-effective, real-time detection of amplified DNA sequences. Claremont BioSolutions has focused on developing products that combine speed with ease-of-use.

Claremont Biosolutions is also the inventor of The SimplePrep®:

SimplePrep® X8 is an all-in-one automated cell lysis and nucleic acid extraction instrument designed to rapidly isolate DNA or RNA from hard-to-light bacterial samples within complex sample matrices in just 6 minutes. Samples are rapidly illuminated and subsequently purified in a true hands-free workflow without the need for tedious centrifuge steps or time-consuming incubation periods. The SimplePrep® X8 utilizes self-contained, disposable cartridges to rapidly extract nucleic acids from 1 to 8 samples all-at-once, providing high yields of PCR-ready nucleic acids even when high concentrations of PCR inhibitors are present.

The agreement covers sales to the following countries:
Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Germany