CleanNA provides a complete, magnetic beads-based solution that meets your needs in quality and yield while significantly reducing your hands-on time.


“At DNASense we have shifted our NGS clean up to CleanNA beads, in our comparison tests they are performing as good as or better than other leading NGS Clean-up beads”

Mads Albertsen: Professor applied Bioinformatics, Aalborg University, Founding CEO DNASense


Covid-19 Test

Leymus Genomics  og det førende tyske laboratorie,
CENTOGENE  tilbyder COVID-19 on-site prøvetagning
og analyse med svar samme dag eller inden for  24 timer.

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Loop Genomics provides synthetic single-cell long-read sequencing for NGS research on Illumina’s full range of short-read sequencers, as both a kit and a service.