Leymus Genomics was founded in 2017 in Copenhagen. The purpose for Leymus Genomics is to deliver the highest quality, fast, easy-to-use and most innovative genomic products for analysis, Europe’s finest sample running service and supportive equipment. This ranges from DNA purification to PCR and NGS wetlab products and data storage – to be clear we do not have all products you need. We believe the solutions should be supported with staff who have worked in the genomic tools industry and who should be continuously in dialogue and updated by scientists. We do not know everything about genomic tools and rely mostly on continuous dialogue with scientists to give us input on which technologies work, and which part of the process we should look for additional partners to bring you the right solution.

We deliver products and services to Finland, Sweden,Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and Germany*.


Our aim is to deliver the best genomic tools for NGS. Our services include data storage, advice from scientists and doctors about the best match to genomic tools, and in addition to this we have partnered with a service lab to run your samples when this is the best solution. We aim to give a comprehensive overview of products and technologies from our suppliers in the genomic analysis industry and to be a reliable knowledge partner.

Purpose and philosophy

Our products and our expertise focusses on the technologies relating to NGS (Next Generation Sequencing), NGS service providers, and Large Scale Genomic Data storage. We strive to help you in finding the best solutions to your project. Whether you need a sequencer, sample preparation, or data storage, Leymus Genomics is ready to help.

If we are unable to solve your problem, we have spent a lot of time identifying the best partners to assist you. Our partnered service providers are capable of running projects that may be too big or complex to complete in-house or that requires specialised equipment and expertise.

We represent a number of selected companies that are best in their class, often supplying novel approaches and methodologies, but mostly just because they supply the best quality products in their categories.

All our products come with full customer support, both from us, our scientists, our scientific advisers, and our suppliers. We strive to provide you with quick and knowledgeable service and feedback, and be easy and flexible to work with. While we strive to provide you the best solutions, we are not afraid to recommend other options if we can’t provide you with a satisfactory answer. Please let us know if you have any feedback!

Our core knowledge base is centred around NGS technologies and workflow, and so we are always interested in learning more about the different NGS and sequencing platforms and what your experiences with them has been.

When we represent another company or interest, we are open and transparent about it. We do not represent any economic interest that are not clearly listed on our website, and the companies we do represent have been carefully selected due to their quality products and reputations. We hope that their innovative solutions can help us provide you with all the flexibility and support you need. We bring scientists together so that we can provide you with the best services possible.

* Some products and services are limited to a subset of these countries

At Leymus Genomics

We aim to have an unbiased approach to counselling, as the right solution for you is the goal and the measure of our success. We will of course make it clear when we are representing another company.
We are updated on the core NGS platforms and technologies: PacBio, Illumina, IonTorrent, Qiagen, Oxford Nanopore, etc.
We supply the best niche products in class - or we will refer you to the best niche product available.


Leymus Genomics was founded by Rasmus Brøndum, who also holds the role of CEO.

Rasmus has worked in the genomic tools and genomic diagnostics industry since 2005. First in the small reagent company Fermentas continuing to work with worlds largest PCR, qPCR and NGS equipment suppliers Thermo Fischer Scientific and Illumina and most recently in a genomic diagnostic-focused role as a Director for Roche Molecular Diagnostics. He holds a Master degree in Biology and a Danish MBA (HD) in International Business. His passion has always been to help scientists find the answers by delivering the best possible genomic analysis/diagnostic solutions. Rasmus has worked with both small scale academic lab setups and with some of the worlds largest genomic labs. His experience also includes working with clinical labs, biobanks, agro-genomics, as well as pharmaceutical companies.

Scientific Advisory board

In order to ensure the optimal guidance on genomics technology Leymus Genomics is establishing an advisory board. The board will consist of distinguished scientists, who are all working with different tools and projects in the Genomic industry.

The focus area is NGS and handling of NGS data.

PhD, Morten Rasmussen

Morten has more than 10 years of experience working with Next Generation Sequencing (454, Illumina, PacBio, 10X genomics among others). A lot of his work has focused on ancient DNA characterised by highly degraded, low-input samples. During his PhD, he led the first ancient human genome project. As the manager of a sequencing core he encountered a highly diverse set of problems and helped solve challenges related to all aspects of NGS. He has published more than 50 papers, 15 of which are in Nature or Science. Morten is a Postdoctoral fellow at Dept. of Genetics, Stanford University.

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